Pregnancy Tracker

Helpful app for the pregnant

Helpful app for pregnant women (5+mln users, 150+ countries, top 3 to 15 rating in app stores ovwr the world, local language support) (Control of weight gain and abdomen growth, control of abnormalities; High-quality ultrasound images with detailed description; Contractions tracking with the ability of sending info to doctor; Telemedicine and online consultation with a doctor; Personal calendar with notes about taking pills and records about mood changes on each day of pregnancy; Full information about child development, changes in mother’s body, nutrition and emotions for every week of pregnancy)

Pregnancy tracker presentation


White-label messenger chat-bot app for SMEs

Customized online store or personal page in all instant messengers and social networks in 20 minutes (for SMEs) (built for bloggers, self-employed, HORECA, travel agencies, online stores and more)


U-Robot presentation


Decentralized VPN

VPN marketplace operating on top of decentralized network (Simple user experience, as in regular centralized VPNs

  • Open source code, no logs collected
  • No single point of failure, cannot be blocked
  • Real privacy: user cannot be identified either by traffic trace, neither by payment for the service)


Kelvpn presentation


Dapps Marketplace

Customize and help developers build b2b dapps for businesses (Corporate Governance & Voting, Land registry, Supply chain management, Car registry, owner management platform, Contract management, Debt management, Asset exchange and mangement)

Easydapps Presentation


Keyless wallet solution to free user from a self/custodial storage dilemma

Next level security and convenience for blockchain (Multisig & authorization policies, Non-custodial wallet with Enterprise-level security, Unique Keyless Biometric Hardware wallet, Access to dapps


Spatium presentation